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The Bunyips live in the Bunyip Tree

They sleep all day and at night they play

The mysterious Bunyip Tree sits at the heart of the Bunyip Tree world. Full of rooms, staircases and bunyips, the tree is ancient and very large.

The Bunyip Tree town is located somewhere in Australia. It sits beside a river, next to a forest and not too far from the desert. Just outside the town is a billabong and next to the billabong is the Bunyip Tree. The town is inhabited by some rather cute Australian animals who love to play, live and explore in their unique environment.

The Bunyip Tree books are a series of stories written and illustrated by R. J. Hampson. Each book focuses on one inhabitant of the Bunyip Tree world. These rhyming books are perfect for children ages 3 and up, and the engaging illustrative style and irresistible rhyme will deliver joy for all imaginations. If you look closely you might even find a bunyip or two.



Meet some of the friendly locals who live in the Bunyip Tree world. There are kangaroos that deliver mail, ringtail possums who fight fires, a wombat who loves to dig and many more. The Bunyip Tree world is full of adventure with locals who are quirky and fun. See what some of their strengths and abilities are. And read about the actual Australian animals who inspired them!


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