A Kangaroo

When the mail must get through, leave it to a Kangaroo!

Roopert is an irresistible little kangaroo who is responsible for the smooth mail delivery in town. A conscientious and highly strung character, Roopert would rather risk physical injury than not deliver the mail ‘fast’ as guaranteed.

Roopert's best friend is Amelia, who is a beetle.

Roopert and Amelia have been friends ever since they met and Roopert almost squashed Amelia during one of his early morning warm up hops. Since then Amelia has joined Roopert on his exercises and also spends most days with him sorting and helping to deliver the mail. She does have to leave occasionally to fulfil family obligations which are many as she is a beetle with quite a large family.

Roopert and Amelia both live in the town Post Office which works out fine as they are both workaholics. Roopert is fond of eating grass and occasionally also eats leaves whereas Amelia eats mostly aphids – although she has been known to sample the occasional leaf.

The headband Roopert wears was given to him during one of his karate lessons. His teacher, Sensei Tanuki, met Roopert on one of his rare visits to Australia and was enamoured of Rooperts very fine kicking style. Roopert was a quick study and soon become a black belt – much to Sensei Tanuki’s delight. Sensei Tanuki also solved Rooperts most annoying problem which was that his eyes were constantly burning from the wind due to his fast travelling speeds. Tanuki introduced Roopert to the Speedicals range of eye goggles which solved the wind burn problem and also added a touch of pinache to his overall style.

Roopert and Sensei Tanuki correspond regularly via the mail which is almost as well run in Japan as it is in Australia, if not quite so fast in some areas. This suits Roopert as he is able to take advantage of his staff discount on postage costs.

Amelia never sends any mail as she has enough of letters during her working day. She keeps in contact with her extensive beetle family via social media exclusively.

Roopert Power Chart

Learn About Kangaroos

Kangaroo Island Family. Photo courtesy of Australian Reptile Park
The Kangaroo Island Kangaroo (Macropus Fuliginosus)

The Kangaroo Island kangaroo is found only on Kangaroo Island, off the South Australian Coast. With no natural predators, the kangaroos are the slowest moving kangaroo species. They are closely related to the western grey kangaroo on the nearby mainland, but are typically smaller and sturdier. Their fur is often a darker brown colour and thicker than their mainland relatives. They have dark-brown to black tipped paws and feet. Females grow to 1.5 metres and males to 2 metres.

Habitat: Kangaroo Island, in thick scrubland and open grassland. They spend most of the day sheltering under scrub, coming out to graze in the early morning and late afternoon in grassy areas, often in small groups.

Breeding: Kangaroo Island kangaroos can breed at any time of year. A single joey is kept in the pouch and after 7-9 months, the female breeds again. If a new joey is born a month later, the older joey leaves the pouch but continues to suckle until it is 18 months old. At 20 months the kangaroos are mature and can start breeding.

Diet: Grass, herbs and leaves. The kangaroos on the island are so gentle and tame that people sometimes feed them. Human food can be very bad for them, disrupting their digestion and causing malnutrition and poor health.

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