12 weeks of Christmas countdown
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12 weeks of Christmas countdown

12 weeks of Christmas countdown

As there is every chance there aren’t enough Christmas traditions, this year we thought we would have some fun with 12 weeks of a Christmas countdown colour-in from Bunyip Tree. Each week, we will be posting to social media and here on the blog and all your favourite characters will be making an appearance!

12 weeks to go… It’s 12 bubbles floating (and a hot air balloon!). Playpen and Gabbie are up and away!

11 weeks to go… 11 Cicadas singing. It’s summertime after all!

10 weeks to go… 10 trucks-a-dumping!  Or are they carrying Christmas gifts?


9 weeks to go… 9 wheels-a-spinning on the Bubble Train!

8 weeks to go… 8 koalas carolling 🎶


7 weeks to go… 7 lorikeets larking about


6 weeks to go… 6 rubber bands, a yakstronaut and a life support system.


5 weeks to go… 5 sleepers sleeping. Shh!

4 weeks to go…

3 weeks to go… 3 cupcakes – Yum!


2 weeks to go… Quick! It’s the antbulance on their way to help!


1 week to go… one shiny fire engine!




We would love to see your creative colouring – you can either email us at hello@bunyiptree.com or post on our Facebook page !